Loyalty Miner for Automotive In-Market Monitoring

Introducing a new marketing platform, Loyalty Miner, for automotive marketers to monitor and identify when their customers are in the market to buy a car. Loyalty Miner can be utilized with retail and service customer databases to maximize an auto dealer’s marketing reach. The key features of the marketing platform are the dealer alerts generated off of specific pre-qualified customer segments input for each dealer’s marketing parameters. Combined with the dealer’s customer database, Loyalty Miner integrates multi-sourced data, proprietary algorithms and lender relationships to deliver pre-qualified offers with 100% FCRA compliance.

This is a credit data program that is provided in conjunction with a nationwide auto lender that enables auto marketers to send out marketing messages from auto dealers that include a firm offer of credit.

This program helps to eliminate over 70% of prospects who won’t respond or don’t have the financial capability to purchase a vehicle.

The available pre-qualified customer segments are:

  • Active In-the-market
    • Consumers who have applied for automotive financing in the last 24 hours.
  • 3-6-12 month targets
    • Consumers who will be in the market in the next 3, 6 or 12 month.
  • Available equity
    • Consumers who are in a positive equity position in their vehicle.
  • Payment reduction
    • Consumers where a new vehicle program will reduce payments over their current payments.
  • Still in the market
    • Consumer was interested in a vehicle in the last 12 months but did not finance a vehicle.

Sample Dealer Data Analysis

Sample Dealer Analysis Loyalty Miner

Loyalty Miner Wrap Up

Loyalty Miner takes the guesswork out of how to monitor and mine the auto dealer’s customer database for new opportunities with an automated alert that signals when automotive marketers should contact each customer. Timely and relevant marketing messages are much more responsive than blanket messaging a dealer database based on data that doesn’t give the auto marketer the whole picture on where the customer is in the automotive purchasing cycle. Combined with the customer segments described above, Loyalty Miner delivers prospects that are “weeded out” based on credit score, bankruptcy, repossession and derogatory flags so the prospect is truly pre-qualified for a vehicle purchase.

As an experienced prescreen marketing program partner, Endless Resources is happy to consult with you on how the Loyalty Miner program can increase revenues on your automotive marketing programs, please give us a call. We are at your service.

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