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Automotive Lists​

Target In-Market Car Buyers: Reach consumers actively researching vehicles with our comprehensive automotive mailing lists. Segment by car type, budget, and purchase intent to maximize campaign effectiveness.

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Scored/Prescreen Credit Data

This is actual credit bureau information. Are you seeking car buyers or potential auto financing customers? We are able to help you target leads by credit score, months remaining on a lease or loan, age of most recent auto lease or loan.

Title/Make/Model/Year Data

This data is especially good for Warranty, Research and Automotive marketing companies. We provide you with the industry’s highest quality data. We are able to help your target consumers by the year, make and model of the vehicle they own.

Bankruptcy Data

Individuals who are currently filing, have been dismissed or are discharged from bankruptcy are typically very responsive to marketing offers for products and services such as secured credit cards, debt consolidation, home refinancing, assett protection.

Black Book Data

The Black Book Value is a dealer driven vehicle val uation based off vehicle prices at dealer auctions. The Black Book valuation deals with wholesale values and uses the most up-to-date auto sales information.

Blue Book Data

Kelley Blue Book Value is a consumer driven vehicle value. We can add current Kelley Blue Book Values to your Year, Make, Model data order.

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