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Top 4 Reasons to Use a List Broker

Typically if you cut out the middle man you get a better deal in most business circumstances, except when it comes to buying direct marketing lists. Why buy your marketing lists with a third party provider rather than directly from a list owner and/or management company?

Simply put, list brokers or data wholesalers, such as Endless Resources, provide multiple added value services at no additional charge to client’s looking for direct marketing lists intended for direct mail, email, telemarketing and SMS marketing campaigns.

Here are 4 solid reasons to consider a list broker for your next direct marketing list:

  1. Experience – a lot of the direct marketing list business knowledge is based on what you know, who you know and everything that has been learned along the way. List brokers are sourcing marketing data every day, all day long and have a good handle on the ins and outs of the business. Is it rocket science? No…but neither is changing the oil on your car…you could do it yourself but why spend the time and get your hands dirty? If you are not in the business of changing the oil on cars, you won’t be as quick and efficient as the guys that do it for a living. A list broker knows which lists are good, which are bad and how much you should be paying for it.
  2. Independent Advice – If you work directly with a list company, the company’s sales people only represent their own lists and can only recommend reasons to keep buying their lists instead of the competitions’. There very well may be alternatives that they aren’t aware of and/or they can’t or won’t suggest since it would be against their company’s best interest. A list broker, on the other hand, can offer you every list available within your target market and other potential lists that might a good fit for your marketing campaign as well. List brokers are only limited by what’s available to the market.
  3. Variety – Who doesn’t like some variety? A list broker can provide you with everything from saturation lists to extremely niche lists such as gold coin collectors. The list universe is in your hands. You need it, just name your flavor; consumer data, business data, investor data, credit bureau data, email data, sms data, or any niche business data, a good list broker can source it for you.
  4. Price – Here is where it gets even better. It doesn’t cost you a thing to use a list broker. We leverage our relationships and buying power with vendors and list providers to get you the best price possible and then we resell the list to you at the list price or lower (that is the secret sauce my friends, our profit is in the margin). In other words, you end up paying exactly the same amount or less than what you would pay if you purchased the list directly from the list owner.

Plus there are many additional added bonuses of working with a list broker:

  • Consolidated billing (you pay one list broker instead of many list owners)
  • Management of the logistics (managing your suppression list of existing customers, managing the suppression of previous list buys, etc.)
  • Historical records are kept of past list purchases which helps ensure you don’t waste money buying the same list twice, or a list that performed badly for you in the past
  • Mediation on your behalf with list owners in case there are mistakes such as lists with companies out of business or with inaccurate information. A list broker has a lot more purchasing power and rapport with the list owner than an individual buyer so they typically would be more willing to offer a make-good.

So there you have it. These are all the wonderful reasons to work with a list broker. Feel free to give us a call if you are looking for friendly, free and impartial list broker advice.

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